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Devi Muka: 2 new pitches & 4 reinforcements within a week

After the investment made in the Skender Halili Complex that was completed in record time,  and the investment that is changing the face of the the Selman Stërmasi Stadium, KF Tirana will now realise another investment that was also promised some time ago. Sporting director Devi Muka explains how the new projects will add two new football pitches to the club that will serve both the white & blue academy and the first team. "We have improved conditions at the Skender Halili Complex investing and turning the complex into a modern home for all teams of KF Tirana. We have started the reconstruction of the Selman Stërmasi Stadium, work which is now nearing completion. All that I have mentioned was made a reality in record time through the investment of our ambitious president Refik Halili. Now is the time to make another major investment: to add two new football pitches for the club to use. Soon the Selman Stërmasi Stadium and the new football pitches will be completed, as in the next few days work will start on the two new major investments. Thanks to the tireless work of engineers Spartak Hasamataj and Ksenofon Haskocelaj everything is moving at the right pace and work will be completed to the highest standard. Investment in the club's infrastructure are needed for the future, and KF Tirana is working with the right vision to invest in tomorrow. The stadium, sports complex, two new football pitches and other investments will soon make life at  KF Tirana easier, and we are fulfilling the needs for a Eruopean club", explained Muka.

The sporting director also explained what is expected to happen with players who will move closer to KF Tirana. "In addition to investments being made in infrastructure, the club is also working to build the right team for the new season. The same ambition the President has for the club's infrastructure also applies for the team as well. Within a week, four quality reinforcements will be made official as they will join the white & blues. The team will have the proper attire. I urge all fans to wait only a few days", explained Devi Muka.

Devi Muka: Dy fusha te reja dhe 4 perforcime brenda javes

Pas investimit te bere ne kohe rekord ne kompleksin Skënder Halili, investimit qe po ndryshon teresisht stadiumin Selman Stërmasi, KF Tirana ben gati nje tjetet investim te premtuar pak kohe me pare. Drejtori sportiv Devi Muka rrefen projektet qe do ti shtojne klubit dy fusha te reja te cilat do te sherbejne per Akademine Bardheblu dhe skuadren e pare. "Kemi permiresuar kushtet ne Skënder Halili duke investuar dhe kthyer kompleksin ne nje shtepi moderne per te gjithe skuadrat e KF Tiranes. Kemi nisur rikonstruksionin e stadiumit Selman Stërmasi, puna per te cilin nxiton te shkoj drejt fundit. Gjithcka permenda eshte bere ne kohe rekord dhe me investimin e klubit dhe fale ambicies qe ka presidenti Refik Halili. Tani eshte momenti per te bere nje tjeter investim te madh. Kemi bere gati projektet per ti shtuar klubit dy fusha te reja. Aneksi tek stadiumi Selman Stërmasi dhe fusha ne Kombinat do te marrin forme shume shpejt. Pas pak ditesh do te nise puna per realizuar keto dy investime te medha. Fale dy inxhiniereve te palodhur Spartak Hasamataj dhe Ksenofon Haskocelaj gjithcka po ecen me ritmin e duhur dhe po behet me standarte shume te larta. Investimet ne infrastrukture jane baraz me nje te ardhme te sigurte. KF Tirana po punon me vizionin e duhur per te investuar tek e nesermja. Stadiumi, kompleksi sportiv, dy fushat e reja si dhe te tjera investime qe do te marrin jete shume shpejt jane nevojat e permbushura per nje klub europian", ka sqaruar Muka.

Drejtori sportiv ka sqaruar gjithashtu cfare pritet te ndodhe me lojtaret qe do te afrohen tek Tirana. "Vec investimeve qe po behen ne infrastrukture, klubi po punon per te ndertuar skuadren e duhur per sezonin e ri dhe jo vetem. Ambicia e presidentit vlen njesoj si per infrastrukturen po ashtu dhe per skuadren. Brenda kesaj jave do te behen zyrtare kater perforcime cilesore qe do ti bashkohen bardhebluve. Skuadra do te kete petkun e duhur. I kerkoj te gjithe tifozeve te presin vetem pak dite", ka sqaruar Devi Muka.

Preparations for the new season begin

KF Tirana has officially started their preparations for the upcoming 2015-16 season. The white & blues have not wasted any time in starting their preparations for the upcoming season, even though there is a while before the new season begins on 22 August. 10 players were present today at the first physical training session that took place near the articial lake in Tiranë. In the following days, the team shall be completed as some players shall renew their contract and some that are already under contract with the club shall return, and the project for the new season shall also be formalised. Erando Karabeci is absent due to his ongoing therapy in Athens, Francis Kahata will return from Kenya, whilst Stivi Frashëri is absent due to personal reasons and Gentian Muça is on loan at FK Kukësi for their UEFA Europa League participation. The rest of the squad will be made known in the upcoming days. As for players who have already left KF Tirana officially; Elis Bakaj, Selemani Ndikumana and Renaldo Kalari will no longer be part of KF Tirana and their white & blue adventure is over. One player who has returned home today was the talented young defender Erion Hoxhallari, who has has successfully ended his loan spell at Teuta Durrës and will from now be white & blue.

At the first session the following players were present: Ervin Bulku, Jetmir Sefa, Edvan Bakaj, Dorian Kërçiku, Argjend Malaj, David Domgjoni, Marsel Çaka, Erion Hoxhallari, Grend Halili and Marlind Nuriu. Under the directions of the assistant coach Ndubuisi Emmanuel Egbo, the white & blues started their initial preparations. On Tuesday and Thursday, the team will perform their medical tests, whilst next Monday, directed by coach Shkëlqim Muça, the white & blues will have a more complete look. The club has been working since the beginning of June in approaching top players in order to form a competitive squad for the upcoming season.

22 June 2015

Nisin përgatitjet për sezonin e ri

KF Tirana ka nisur zyrtarisht punen per sezonin 2015-16. Bardheblute nuk kane dashur te humbasin kohe per te nisur pergatitjet per sezonin e ri edhe pse koha premton deri ne startin e kampionatit ne 22 gusht. 10 lojtare kane qene te pranishem sot ne seancen e pare me karakter atletik tek Kodrat e Liqenit. Ne ditet ne vazhdim skuadra do te kompletohet me lojtare qe do te rinovojne, rikthehen dhe zyrtarizohen si pjese e projektit per sezonin e ri. Erando Karabeci ka munguar per shkak te terapise qe po zhvillon ne Athine, Francis Kahata do te kthehet nga Kenia nderkohe qe Stivi Frashëri ka munguar per arsye personale dhe Gentian Muça qe eshte huazuar tek FK Kukesi per pjesemarrjen ne Europa Lige. Pjesa tjeter e skuadres do te konfirmohet ne ditet ne vazhdim. Persa i perket largimeve zyrtare, Elis Bakaj, Selemani Ndikumana dhe Renaldo Kalari nuk jane me pjese e KF Tiranes pasi kane perfunduar aventuren bardheblu. Rikthim ne shtepi per futbollistin e talentuar Erion Hoxhallari qe ka perfunduar me sukses huazimin tek Teuta per tu riveshur bardheblu. 

Ne seancen e pare ishin te pranishem keta lojtare: Ervin Bulku, Jetmir Sefa, Edvan Bakaj, Dorian Kërçiku, Argjend Malaj, David Domgjoni, Marsel Çaka, Erion Hoxhallari, Grend Halili, Marlind Nuriu. Nen drejtimin e ndihmes trajnerit Ndubuisi Emmanuel Egbo bardheblute kane kryer pergatitjet e para. Te marten dhe te enjten skuadra do te zhvilloje vizitat mjekesore nderkohe qe te henen bardheblute nen drejtimin e trajnerit Shkëlqim Muça do te kene marre nje pamje te plote. Klubi po punon prej fillimit te muajit qershor per te perforcuar skuadren me lojtare cilesore.

22 June 2015

Albanian Language/Gjuhen Shqipe

From now on, news and updates will be published in both English and Albanian languages.

Nga tani, lajme dhe përditësime do të publikohet në dy gjuhët, shqipe dhe angleze.

22 June 2015

Karabeci continuing his therapy in Athens

KF Tirana midfielder Erando Karabeci is in Athens, completing his therapy and recovery from an injury he initially sustained midway through last season in December, but he opted to spend the second half of last season on painkiller injections to play on through the injury. The player had an injury in his lower abdominal area, and he is 10 days into a 20 therapy programme under the guidance of a specialist in Athens, where he decided to go to fully recover from the long standing injury ahead of the 2015-16 campaign. It is expected that Karabeci will continue his rehabilitation in Tiranë once he returns after his 20 day therapy programme, and he is also expected to be fully fit and in optimal physical condition for the club's preseason training.

21 June 2015

Superliga 2015-16 fixtures announces

The Albanian Football Association (AFA) held the draw for the first stage of the 2015-16 Albanian Superliga on Friday 19 June and KF Tirana's first game of the following season will be an away game against newly promoted KF Terbuni Pukë. Ilir Shulku and Lysien Nurishmi carried out the draw, and the first round of fixtures will be played on 22 August, according to the Albanian Football Association general secretary Ilir Shulku. The first nine rounds of fixtures were announces on Friday by the AFA.

KF Tirana's first nine Superliga games (provisional):

Round 1: Terbuni (away)

Round 2: Laçi (away)

Round 3: Bylis (home)

Round 4: Skënderbeu (away)

Round 5: Teuta (away)

Round 6: Partizani (away)

Round 7: Flamurtari (away)

Round 8: Vllaznia (away)

Round 9: Kukësi (home)

20 June 2015